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The Who

The Who started out as an R&B band and made the shift to what Pete Townshend called "power-pop" (which involved borrowing power chords from the Kinks).  They moved through psychedelia to hard rock, and managed to survive until 1982.  Townshend is one helluva songwriter, although he didn't really get his guitar chops down pat until the late sixties.  Propelled on by the best rhythm section in the business, Entwistle and Moon, Daltrey had a good range a good tone and no Robert Plant scratchyness.  Put all of these elements together and you had a can of whoop-ass ready to explode on a stage near you (if you were lucky).

I'll admit it - I am just a bit obsessed with the Who. I own all of their studio albums in some form or another.   Their peak period was from 1967 to 1973 where everything they did was exceptional.  Even the b-sides that I've heard really kick butt. Enough said.

Right now I am going to content myself with just listing their albums because they are popular enough to get a good amount of reviews elsewhere.  Someday it will happen.  It must.

For more information than any one person deserves to know go to


Pete Townshend (guitar, vocals, keyboards, etc.)
Roger Daltrey (vocals)
Keith Moon (drums)
John Entwistle (bass, vocals)

Moon died in 1978, and was replaced by Kenney Jones, formerly of the Faces and the Small Faces.

Regretfully, John Entwistle died recently (on the opening day of a tour), thus depriving the world of one great bassist.

Let's make it easy: the ones with stars are the ones I don't have.

The Who Sing My Generation (1965)

The Who: A Quick One (rel. as Happy Jack in US) (1966)

The Who Sell Out (1967)

The Who: Tommy (1969)

The Who: BBC Sessions (rec. 1965-70, rel. 2000)

The Who: Live at Leeds (1970)

The Who: Live at the Isle of Wight Festival (rec. 1970, rel. 1996)

The Who: Who's Next (1971)

John Entwistle: Smash Your Head Against The Wall (1971)

Pete Townshend: Who Came First (1972)

*John Entwistle: Whistle Rhymes (1972)
I do own an 8-track of this, but it broke.  Damn 8-tracks.

The Who: Quadrophenia (1973)

*John Entwistle: Rigor Mortis Sets In (1973)

Daltrey (1973)

The Who: Odds & Sods (1974)

The Who By Numbers (1975)

*John Entwistle: Mad Dog (1975)

John Entwistle: King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Live In Concert (rec. 1975, rel. 1997)

Roger Daltrey: Ride a Rock Horse (1975)

*Keith Moon: Two Sides of the Moon (1975)

Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane: Rough Mix (1977)

Roger Daltrey: One of the Boys (1977)

The Who: Who Are You (1978)

The Who: The Kids Are Alright (1979)

Pete Townshend: Empty Glass (1980)

Roger Daltrey: McVicar (1980)

The Who: Face Dances (1981)

John Entwistle: Too Late The Hero (1981)

The Who: It's Hard (1982)

Pete Townshend: All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (1982)

Pete Townshend: Scoop (1983)

The Who: Who's Last (1984)

Roger Daltrey: Parting Should Be Painless (1984)

Pete Townshend: White City (1985)

Roger Daltrey: Under a Raging Moon (1985)

*John Entwistle: Rock (rec. 198?, rel. 1996)

*Pete Townshend's Deep End Live! (1986)

Pete Townshend: Another Scoop (1987)

Roger Daltrey: Can't Wait to See the Movie (1987)

Pete Townshend: The Iron Man (1989)

*The Who: Join Together (1990)

*Roger Daltrey: Rocks in the Head (1992)

Pete Townshend: Psychoderelict (music only) (1993)

Roger Daltrey: A Celebration: The Music Of Pete Townshend And The Who (1994)

Pete Townshend Live: The Fillmore (rec. 1996, rel. 2000)

*Pete Townshend Live: The Empire (rec. 1998, rel. 2000)

Pete Townshend Live: A Benefit For Maryville Academy (1999)

*The John Entwistle Band: Left for Live (1999)

Pete Townshend: Lifehouse Elements (2000)

*The Who: From The Blues To The Bush (2000)

*Pete Townshend Live: Sadler's Wells (2000)

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