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Album Reviews for the Week of June 19 2005:

Artist Album Reviewer
Bkjhyiusyiukjhkjhkj Obscurity!
KJHkjhfhkkjhkjhkj Obscurity!
Kjkhdkjsskjhkjhkj Obscurity!
Mjoiiuoioiuoikjhkjhkj Obscurity!
Ooooooookjhkjhkj Obscurity!
kjhkjhkjhoiuyoiuyiu Obscurity!
ppppppppkjhkjhkj Obscurity!
skdjhfksdjhkjsdhjklijuloiusoio Obscurity!

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Album Reviews for the Week of June 12 2005

Artist Album Reviewer
OIhosfkfjoihioihfd Obscurity!
iiiiiinnnnoihioihfd Obscurity!
lkjdlsdoihioihfd Obscurity!
lkndlkwwwwwoihioihfd Obscurity!
lksjdfsoihioihfd Obscurity!
lokojoiuoiwwwwwwskjhkjhsk Obscurity!
mkouoihioihfd Obscurity!
mmmmmmfffffffoihioihfd Obscurity!
mmmmmppppllllskjhkjhsk Obscurity!
nnckkkkskjhkjhsk Obscurity!
oiujoiuddddddoihioihfd Obscurity!
ooosoijhoasijdoaiskjhkjhsk Obscurity!
piknawrsoihioihfd Obscurity!
qodokjhdsoihioihfd Obscurity!
rfvtgbyhnoihioihfd Obscurity!

Album Reviews for the Week of March 13 2005

Artist Album Reviewer
SmaritesKJHfkdjshfsjfdkh Obscurity!

Album Reviews for the Week of March 6 2005

Artist Album Reviewer
BlahBlah Blah Obscurity!
BlahPOIHIUHfkjdsh Obscurity!
BlahRetardtotgdrf Obscurity!
Blahklguhdofgdfg Obscurity!
BohijhidKlklndkc Obscurity!
FunnyFace Obscurity!
KAJgfkAJegfkasdjgfslkjzdhfgksjdgfksdjgkj Obscurity!
Lkjhdkjhcfdjzdhfgksjdgfksdjgkj Obscurity!
PoihjoijHjhjhghjdg Obscurity!
PoihjoijLoijdkmns Obscurity!
PoihjoijOLoiusds Obscurity!
Poihjoijlkjhdsjhskd Obscurity!
Poihjoijlkjhdsjhskd Obscurity!
PoopFace Obscurity!
PoopHeaded Obscurity!
Poopkjhgkghkjgh Obscurity!
Poopkjhgkghkjgh Obscurity!
RGgregegerergreg Obscurity!
RGgregeskjgdffjkss Obscurity!
SmooryerFace Obscurity!
SomaliaDisjointed Obscurity!
SomaliaMoga-Dis-U Obscurity!
jkgfdsjkfhdsfsdkjhgkghkjgh Obscurity!
kjhkjhlkjhkjhgkghkjgh Obscurity!

Album Reviews for the Week of December 26 2004

Artist Album Reviewer
Cigar RoastSomething Unpronouncable Obscurity!
The Flaming ShitsTransmissions from the Satellite Fart Obscurity!
Test3Tejhgkjgg Obscurity!
The White StrippersThe White Strippers Obscurity!
X2BDead Sea Obscurity!
dfsgdfkjugiugxs Obscurity!
kmjbskjdljkhlkh Obscurity!
ljhfdsfsdfsdljkhlkh Obscurity!