WRC Updates Self-Entry Test Page

Phase Two of Operation HushHush

I think this script is ready to be actually used.  If you want to sort by the second word of an artist (if it's a group with 'The' in the name, or someone with a last name) choose Y in the box below.  As before here are some test accounts to use:

SiteID: 39451, Password: Adrian or SiteID: 39468, Password: Secret

FYI, there is an admin page which makes it easier to delete entries, and add/delete accounts, among other things.  So, yes, you won't be burdened with having to update under false pretenses with the real thing.

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Original concept and design by Adrian Denning.  Programmed by Jon Hendrix, with pieces and syntax from WWWBoard Version 2.0 ALPHA 1 by Matt Wright (Matt's Script Archive).