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The Premise

This site will be two years old this summer (2002), and since I just bothered to join the Music Review Webring it's about time to explain what's going on.  This is an album-oriented site, mainly because I am cheap.  When I say album, I mean album as in record album, and when I say record album I mean one that usually cost me a dollar or less.  Not that I have any particular affection for records, but for that price I can afford to experiment and try different groups out.  One of my main problems with web sites with multiple reviewers is that people will tend to review groups that they are fans of first, before venturing off into unknown territory.  I buy what looks interesting, or if I've heard of the group.  Because of my low price range (there are some exceptions) I usually end up with records that were produced en masse (hits and misses) or those which didn't make it commercially but aren't rare enough to have any value, or stuff that's in poor shape.  How the reviewing process itself goes is like this: listen once to get familiar with the album, second time take notes on each track, and the third time listen for things I might have missed (focusing more on backing, instrumentation, lyrics).  Then I write the review, usually hate it and then write another one.  This isn't followed to strictly, as some albums take more or less hearings.  After starting this in June or July of 2000, this website languished over on Dejanews until they got bought out, moved, and then shut down.  That's two years of word-of-mouth viewers only, literally referring to only my mouth.  I moved over to Tripod, removed the giant blinking provocative statement from the main page (mainly because people would think it was a Prindle-ism) and eventually joined the webring.  That's where we are today.

Stuff I Borrowed, and Stuff I Didn't Borrow

Borrowed - Frankly, the entire page format is borrowed from Wilson & Alroy, right down to the not so catchy things leading back to the main page.  Originally I sort of poorly imitated their style, but I've tried to move away from that now.  I also take ideas for stuff to review off of other pages.  CosmicBen's site supplied most of the links, too.

Stuff Not Borrowed - Odds and Sods was named far before I discovered George Starostin's wonderful site.  Nor are the opinions on this page borrowed.  I have noticed that I tend to agree with Alroy more than other reviewers, but that's how it goes.

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